Partnerships and Networks

Our services are backed by proven foreign correspondents, who are carefully selected on the basis of their individual competence. We are experienced in the management and co-ordination of multi-country legal teams.

SMITH D'ORIA is actively involved at executive levels in the work of professional organisations:

• ICC - World Business Organisation

ICC France

IFCCI – Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

IPBA – The Inter-Pacific Bar Association

• The London Arbitration Club

• IEBF – The Indo European Business Forum

An open forum to share knowledge, experience and opinions related to doing business in India and the EU

France - Amériques

IFEJI – The French Institute of International Legal Experts

AFDD – The French Association of Doctors in Law

AAMTI – Association des Avocats Mandataires en Transaction Immobilière (Association of Avocats licensed to act as agents for real estate transactions)